Wine and tapas is an unforgettable couplet within the Spanish culture. Going out for a wine along with a tapa is a tradition which brings up quality of life to Spaniards. Tapear (literally ‘going out for tapas’) means take a break from work, being with friends and enjoying quality leisure time with no worries.  And there is no better way to enjoy a nice tapa than accompanying it with a Somontano wine. A fresh, renewed wine that breaks off the most traditional standards and is enjoyed just for the sake of it, for the taste of it, to relax.tapa_mellow_riceThanks to this guide, you will discover the Spanish tradition of the tapas in its purest state. Choose your favorite wine from Somontano and combine it with the perfect tapa. Spanish recipes with a modern switch, made by one of the youngest talents in the Spanish cuisine, chef Mateo Sierra, who comes from the Somontano region (in Huesca, northeast Spain). His style, deeply related with that of his origins, has turned this guide into a must-have within the culture of wine and tapas from Somontano.

Pick a wine from Somontano. Pick a tapa. It’s time to #thinkwinely.

Download A Foodie’s Guide to #thinkwinely

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